One thought on “Episode 69 – Week of September 4, 2019”

  1. Just finished listening to episode 69 and thought I should leave a legitimate comment instead of just talking to Paul at the various comic cons. This is a really good podcast. If you subscribe to comics and aren’t sure with rising prices which new books are worth giving a shot, I find the guys reviews to be very helpful. I have picked up a couple books as a result of the podcast (Murder Falcon, Little Bird and Crowded) that I probably wouldn’t have as a matter of course. I really enjoyed all of these. I have also picked up individual issues of some Marvel and DC books that were really good stories. They also do a media(r) segment which is very informative as well.
    The Podcast is funny and they don’t all agree on the same books so you get different points of view. It is not for all ages but not offensive. They do review the plot of the books they review so there are spoilers but it is helpful. I recommend this podcast for any subscriber.

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