Episode 8 – Week of May 2, 2018

Week of May 2, 2018 – Runtime 1:47:05


0:02:00 – Avengers

0:20:42 – You Are Deadpool

0:24:00 – Infinity Countdown

0:33:00 – The Hunt for Wolverine


0:38:00 – DC Nation 1

0:46:57 – Green Arrow

1:02:48 – Action Comics Special

1:05:20 – Harley Loves Joker


1:13:45 – Spawn

1:14:26 – Death or Glory

1:21:38 – Dr. Star & the Kingdom of Lost Tomorrows

1:26:20 – The Walking Dead

Shout Outs

Panels & Ink

Crazy for Comics

Issac Torby

Paul at AA Comics & Cards

3 thoughts on “Episode 8 – Week of May 2, 2018”

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